Aggressive Dieting for Faster Fat Loss

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The combination of calorie restriction and resistance training has been shown to maintain muscle mass and resting metabolic rate. Now you have to take the study with a grain of salt. Because it was performed on overweight newbie lifters.

When you have more fat to lose it’s easier to maintain muscle mass, because you have so much available fat stores to burn off. Further, when you’re new to lifting you can actually gain strength and muscle mass, while losing body fat, quite easily.

That said, the study participants were eating an extremely low calorie diet, lower than I would ever recommend, at just 800 calories per day. This is what I would call a crash diet. And nothing you will ever see me promote.

Now if I was to take someone with years of lifting experience, throw them on an aggressive diet that has them dropping 1.5-2 lbs of fat per week combined with intermittent fasting, a couple big meals per day with a good mix of protein, fat and carbs and three low volume, reverse pyramid training workouts per week…

Well I guarantee they would at the very least, maintain every bit of muscle and probably see some strength gains. Hell you’ve seen the case studies on my site and my courses! My point here is simple, wipe away any fear you have about crashing your metabolism or losing your muscle mass.
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