Body building and Losing weight

You know very well how to build muscles and lose fat, right? I am not referring to the scientific explanation on how your body is able to change itself from being fat to being muscular but on the basic understanding that muscle building and fat loss can only happen when you lift weights and do substantial and regular exercise.

Honestly, almost all – if not everyone – know what to do to attain a chiseled and rock-hard body but very few individuals reach their goals. This is because the reason why muscle building and fat loss is too damn difficult neither lies on the exercise program you have nor on the amount of supplements you take, but on the attitude you possess during training sessions.  

So even if you have the best exercise program on earth, the best exercise facility and equipment, and the most effective diet plan known to man (if there is such thing), you won’t reach your goal because you don’t possess the right attitude. That said, the very first thing you should do before you even put on your training shoes and lift weights is to prepare yourself mentally to the type of physical activity you are going to undertake. Proper mindset enables you to possess positive attitude and motivation to successfully lose fat and build muscles.

Once you are mentally ready, you can now proceed to the physical aspect of the program.

Assuming that you have not been physically active for a long time, a little overweight and don’t know the exact details of how you should be able to shed your fats and start build muscle mass, here are some important things you need to know:

More muscle = more calories burn. When you train, you burn calories and avoid storing fat. You also build muscles that require more calories to maintain. Thus if you have more muscles, you burn more calories during workout and while at rest.

Eat before and after working out. You need enough energy to lift weights so you need to eat at least 30 minutes before you workout. You have to replace lost energy by eating right after workout.

Eat small but several meals per day. Your usual diet includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Change it. If you want to build muscle and lose fat, you have to eat small amount of meals frequently. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day. Example: eat breakfast at 7am, another small meal at 9am, lunch at 11, snack at 1pm or 2pm, another snack at 4pm, and dinner at 6pm. This way, you allow your body to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat and prevent storing too much energy you cannot use.

These are the types of food you should eat to help you lose fat and build muscle effectively: lean protein from red meat and poulty, fish, whole grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables.

Resting builds muscles. Many beginners believe that muscle develops faster if it is trained harder. This is awfully wrong! The truth is: during exercise (particularly weight training) your muscle fibers are destroyed. And the only way to rebuild them is by resting and getting enough sleep. I repeat, muscle fibers are destroyed during exercise. Make sure that you have adequate rest after every training session. If your lifestyle permits, it will help you most if you take nap after workout.

Bodybuilding and fat loss cannot happen in one night, or even in one month. Changes can be noticed after several weeks of constant training. Substantial changes may take longer. Still the improvement of your body depends on your diet, amount of exercise you do, amount of rest you get and the attitude you possess.

Charlene Nuble is a health care professional who loves writing about parenting, women’s issues, health and other stuffs that interest her. Click on the link to learn more about the Best Pill For Fat Loss