Burning fat and Menopause

Menopause is a difficult time in any women’s life and may trigger the need for a good fat loss program. The bad news is that the menopause can last for ten years! But don’t despair ladies as is does not have to be totally miserable. Many women will suffer mood swings, fatigue, hot flushes and night sweats but the extra pounds can be shed with a suitable fat loss program. Firstly let’s address the reasons for need fat loss, it is not just the time of life but how we deal with this time. Due to fluctuating hormone levels and the way that makes us feel we often cause weight gain while convincing ourselves we are not eating more.

If you were in need of a fat loss system approaching menopause don’t kid yourself that there is little you can do about it, there is! At the onset of menopausal symptoms very few of us recognise them immediately, or perhaps we just don’t want to admit it, I know I didn’t. We can so easily begin to comfort eat due to a mild depressive state brought on by our hormone imbalance. The fatigue we feel can also make us reach for a quick fix to temporally raise our blood sugar but then we come down with a bang and we have the extra pounds (usually round the middle) to show for it, so if you are effected you will need the fat loss program to suit your individual needs.

Have you put on weight since entering the “change”? Yes, well try this exercise to find out why, keep a food diary for one week, not just main meals but every mouthful that you eat or drink. Make a note of the time too from the first cup of tea in the morning to the last tipple of the nightcap, don’t cheat every mouthful even if it is just taking a crisp from some ones packet at work, it counts. After a week reading your fat loss food diary a pattern will emerge and will give you an insight into why you need a fat loss system. You will amaze your self at the amount of calories that you have consumed and the amount of fat, salt and sugar, and you can’t understand why you have put on so much weight! Well you can now!

So in a way, menopause does make you fat but not for the reasons you thought. That is why a good fat loss program is essential to your well being. No one likes to be fat at anytime but now is worse as the menopause can make you feel unattractive in any case, coupled with your possible loss of libido or flushes can deepen a slightly depressed state and make you reach for foodie comfort more, its a vicious circle, so don’t let Father Nature win (its got to be a man to do this to us!) Take time and choose the right fat loss program for you and you’re half way there to a bearable menopause. Your fat loss system will help you maintain a healthy balanced diet that may include extra vitamins or supplements to keep you feeling you again. Enlist the help of your partner and family to support you in your fat loss efforts, in the long run everyone will benefit. Take time and care choosing the fat loss system that is right for you, read the testimonials and choose a program that will fit into your lifestyle and make it a joyful journey into your post menopausal healthy life!

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