Does sweating help with fat loss ?

Some people believe if they are not sweating profusley they are not losing weight or is sweating only losing water weight rather tahn losing fat here we aim to answer your question into this dillema many people have when excercising.

Generally people believe water loss = thermal rise in body temperature so obviously it indicates something is burning and often that is a miture of both calores and fat at the same time.

When starting to excercise a very good sign after exercise is that you feel very very hungry which indicates a drop in leptin levels (leptin is a hormone released by fat cells that tells your brain to feel hungry, normally created when fat is being used for fuel rather tahn calories).

There are a camp of people that believe sweat just means the body is regulating temperature during exercise however many people due to very high sodium and processed food diets do carry a lot of water weight so although you maybe losing a little extra calories the real way to lose weight is to keep heart rate up above a certain amount depending on the individual and to dehydrate and limit sodium therefore contributing to water weight loss.

So yes sweating does help lose weight depending on how you view this.