How to make your metabolism faster

One of the quickest ways to lose excess fat from your body is to make your metabolism faster. Your metabolism is how fast your body uses stores of body fat for energy. Unfortunately after years of lack of exercise and the wrong foods in your diet metabolism is often slowed down to less than a quarter of what it is capable of however the good news is there are various techniques available which speed up your metabolism if paired with correct diet and exercise will help you shift that stubborn weight that plagues many people faster.

Drinking water is by far the easiest way to boost your metabolism it boosts metabolism up to 28% according to research and drinking very very cold water should put that even higher as the body heats up the water to body temperature in order to digest it.

Drink water to boost your metabolism

Because sleep slows down metabolism as the body goes into repairing itself and growth sleeping just the required hours also help substantially shift those excess pounds. Adding breakfast also kick starts the metabolism in the morning and adding protein to the diet due to the body using more calories to digest protein will help even further start adding breakfast to see a fast change in your metabolism.

Exercise which is weight bearing which builds muscle will help you burn excess weight and fat even whilst resting. The initial calorie burn when lifting weights is not the only reason lifting weight is good for boosting metabolism it is the fact that muscle grows and repairs which is why even when your resting the body is using stored calories.