Hunter the Gladiator is worried you may be 'skinny fat'

Two humped camel
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The most distinctive feature of the Bactrian camel is its two humps. These humps, contrary to popular belief, are designed to store fat and not water. They are used for nourishment when food isscarde ambient. However, it is true that bactrian camels can go several days without water. In addition to the water that is normally stored in the body, the Bactrian camel stores about 1.5 gallons in special sacks around its stomach. When water is available, they drink only to replace the water they have lost. If the Bactrian camel has used up all its water it will need to drink about 30 gallons of water to fill up. This only takes about 10 minutes. The camel is extremely well suited to water conservation. It sweats very little, emits very little water as a waste fluid, and can change its body temperature threshold depending on the ambient temperature to help contain water loss. Bactrian camels are usually a beige color with hair that ranges from short to long depending on the season. To protect themselves from sand and the harsh conditions they live in, they bushy eyebrows, a double row of long eyelashes, hair inside the ear, and they can tightly close their nostrils and lips to keep out flying sand. They have very tough mouths that are not bothered by eating hard, sharp objects such as thorns. Most of the Bactrian camels that you find today are domesticated. There are very few (estimated 300) wild Bactrian camels.

Hunter the Gladiator is worried you may be 'skinny fat'
The key to becoming fit properly is to exercise, control your diet, and lose weight the right way. "And so, my tips for effectively losing weight – which also apply to those concerned they may already be skinny fat – begin with throwing away the scales.

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