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It’s Jonny today, I am here to talk about how to eat to lose fat. Listen up because these tips can help you get in shape and get you one step closer the lean body you’ve always wanted.

Video Breakdown:

0:18 Eating more can help you lose fat, listen up to find out how.

1:05 Remember eating is all about you, because it varies from person to person and from goal to goal.

1:40 When you eat smaller portions more times a day, you don’t have to worry about being hungry and binge eating. It will also help your metabolism stay boosted.

3:22 Everyone burns calories at a different rate, so it is almost impossible for anyone to say exactly what you need without knowing details about you.

4:24 Do your research and find out what type of body you have, make your goals clear and know your stats so you can make an educated caloric intake estimate.

6:33 Remember you need to burn off more calories than you eat a day to lose fat. And if you want to gain muscle you need to eat more. That is the bottom line.

7:14 You don’t want to go into too big on the deficit though, because it can mess with your metabolism and be bad in the long term.

Enjoy guys!

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