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Build muscle, lose fat: Optimum Performance
Why is that so important? Most weight loss plans cause fat loss, but also the potential loss of lean, metabolically active muscle pounds. Lose muscle and you risk slowing down your metabolic rate – thus burning fewer calories at rest and dropping your …

New protein could help burn fat faster
However, all is not lost: a recent study by researchers at the University of Cambridge identified one of the proteins underlying this blockage of fat burn. "[This protein] is part of the system in place to help the body store more energy," says Antonio …
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Positively Beautiful: The future is here with body shaping, fat loss technology
CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure. It is not a procedure for excess skin or cellulite. The ideal candidate should have a "grab-able" area of subcutaneous fat. Excess skin will not tighten or loosen. Visceral deep fat will not be reduced …
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