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What your juicing diet is actually doing to your body – and 11 reasons to ditch it
With a value exceeding £2billion in the UK ALONE, the diet industry is probably very grateful there's no magician's wand for losing weight. But there are a myriad of new fads and trends to make us think there is that magic formula – and keep us …

Physical activity important to lose body fat
It is a more dense tissue and by exercising as you lose body fat you may actually weigh a little more. You have improved the quality of your body tissues. You can't “turn muscle into fat” by stopping exercise and you can't turn fat into muscle either …

Diet Doc's Calorie Loading Ketogenic Diet Plans Prepare the Body for Extreme
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — By now, many people throughout the country have deserted their New Year's resolutions and have abandoned their dream of ever reaching their ideal weight. Many have lost a few pounds throughout …
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