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It seems that the hardest topic for people to wrap their heads around is fat loss nutrition. Usually they just take some bodybuilding supplements and think they have the proper nutrition plan to lose fat. Not a good idea. Let’s set the record straight fat loss diets have nothing to do with fat loss supplements. It just doesn’t work that way. Fat loss nutrition is about following a few simple principles.

1) Calories in versus calories out don’t matter

Traditional fat loss has been viewed as calories in versus calories out. That means that if you eat less calories then you burn, then you’ll lose weight. That works for a short time but then it goes out the window. You see viewing your fat loss diet as a matter of what you eat and what you do in the gym is incorrect. Why should you worry about calories if you are eating good foods? Most women I know won’t binge on healthy fat and protein and ever guy I’ve talked to never ends of craving natural peanut butter and cottage cheese. So you see how counting your calories isn’t the best thing? Focus on the quality of food.

2) It’s an issue of fiber

Fiber is a fantastic nutrient that almost no one gets enough of. People don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and they almost certainly never buy a fiber powder. So why does a effective fat loss diet include fiber? Fiber slows down the digestion of the food you’ve eaten and it also stops the liver from producing more glucose, so the chance of losing fat is increased.

3) Prepare

A proper fat loss nutrition diet has everything to do with how you prepare for the upcoming week. Sunday should be a cooking day. Excluding grocery shopping, it only takes you about 45 minutes in total to cook, prepare and package your food. Cook the chicken, turkey or beef in one pan then throw your green veggies in another pan while you take out the plastic containers. It really is easier then it’s made out to be. Trust me, you’ll love how easy is it to get through the week eating healthy if you do this for 45 minutes on a Sunday.

4) Do it smart

When I say to “do it smart”, all I’m talking about is doing planning each meal according to proper nutrient timing. Your first meal should include some type of carbohydrate in it such as oatmeal or whole grain toast with protein. Meal number two and three should be protein with vegetables or fruit. After you workout you should include some type of carbohydrate with the meal. Then repeat meal two and three again for the last two meals of your day. That’s all you need to o to structure your fat loss diet.

5) Use fat loss supplements

I don’t usually advise anyone and everyone to use supplements but they can be very helpful to increase your results. Fat loss pills such as omega-3 fish oil, cla, chromium, zinc and magnesium all have benefits to help you burn fat that they can’t be ignored. Just throw them in a plastic bag and you’re good to go. Don’t over analyze your fat loss nutrition, just do it.

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