Priorities of Fat Loss

It can get real confusing will all the information you hear about losing fat and what are the best ways to do it.  Now if you are a follower of my articles then you might see some repetition of things you have heard before.  But what better way to pound home the message than to hear it time and time again.

It is very important to remember that these priorities deal with fat loss.  I’m not talking to you if you are just looking to do this as a hobby.  Fat loss is hard and fat loss takes a lot of work, it is no joke.  One of the big reasons it is so hard is the fact that the top priority of a fat loss program must be your food and what you eat.

Lean proteins, fruits and vegetables dominate your meal plan.  The problem many run into is the time to prepare and pre-plan what they are going to eat.  Set aside a couple of hours once per week (I use Sunday when I go grocery shopping) to prepare and plan out what I’ll eat for the week.  That way when things are crazy during the week, I don’t have to think, it has all been done for me.

Second in priority is your exercise.  You must do strength training and metabolic training (Interval training).  You can do your typical running or steady state jog only AFTER the strength training and interval training have been completed.  Your metabolism is directly driven by how much lean muscle you have on your body.  Strength training is the only way to increase your lean muscle.  Interval training or metabolic training is time efficient fat loss training and studies have shown that it burns 9 times more fat than steady state cardio.  Interval training like 30 seconds high intensity and 90 second recovery or 1 minute high intensity and 2 minute recovery are great interval parameters to burn fat.

Third in priority is the intangables.  Things we don’t typically think about much like taking a multivitamin, drinking plenty of water, an omega-3 supplement, getting enough sleep, and making sure your post workout recovery shake is always on the agenda, are all very important components to being successful.  There is no one thing that is going to miraculously help you lose fat.  The body is an array of millions of functions happening at the same time.  It is irrational to believe that there is one pill, drink or super food that is a cure all and will magically make the body increase your metabolism and burn fat.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

Before you jump into a fat loss program be sure you have all of your bases covered.  It is a huge undertaking but well worth it.  The results you will feel and confidence you gain from seeing great results from all of your hard work is truly a drug in itself, but you have to be prepared to work very hard.

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