Put on pounds Diet plan

I have always been a very skinny guy. I get it from my dad who was a stick of a man until well into his 30’s when he finally started to put weight on. It is in my genes and it is something I have always been “stuck with”. I even went out for the football team in high school and although I had the athletic talent to be an asset to the team, my physical stature was just too small to make enough of an impact. Even working out with the team and doing all of the weight lifting and dieting, I couldn’t ever seem to put on weight. This all changed when I hit college. I had a roommate in college who was in a very similar boat as me. He had always been super skinny and it seemed like no matter how much food he ate he couldn’t put on weight. The two of us were on a mission to gain weight and build muscle and we were prepared to do whatever we could to get there. This is when we came across a guide online that was complete with a gain weight diet as well as specific weight routines, designed to maximize the impact of your workout along with the recommended diet. This was a huge turning point for me and my weight gain. I learned that it really does come down to making sure you eat enough calories. Especially for those of us who have a super high metabolism. I realized that eating smaller meals throughout the day allowed me to intake more calories throughout the day, and still be comfortable. I hate the feeling of overeating which is probably one of the reasons I always had a hard time putting weight on. I also never realized just how many calories were necessary to start to put on weight. I have always been a very active person so this combined with my high metabolism created the need for a very high amount of calories if my body would be able to put anything aside to gain weight. This realization combined with the philosophy of eating the right foods, which are high in protein and fat can also really help a skinny guy put on weight. A gram of fat contains more calories than a gram of protein or carbohydrates, so a high fat diet is a skinny guys best friend when trying to gain weight. This high fat content gives the body enough calories to then be able to use the protein you eat to build muscle and create fat reserves. It is also very important to have a balanced diet, in terms of making sure you get enough fruits and vegetables as well. If your body lacks the vitamins and minerals it really needs, it won’t be able to work at its highest level of efficiency and thus you will not reach your full potential. All of these lessons came together for me and I put on 15 pounds my freshman year of college, almost all muscle!

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I have sucessfully put on weight fast using a proven system of dieting and weight lifting. I hope you can do the same.