Special Gaining weight Food regimen

When trying to gain weight, your diet plays a very important role. In fact your diet is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will gain weight. Choosing the right foods and eating proper proportions is vital in order to see optimum results.

Your diet should consist of a healthy balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. A good weight-gain/high-protein diet is made up of 30% proteins, 30%fats, and 40% carbohydrates. So if you consume 3000 calories; 900 calories should come from fats, another 900 calories from proteins, and 1200 calories from carbohydrates.

After you have figured out your caloric needs you will need to convert them to grams. To do that you follow a simple formula. 1 gram of carbohydrates equals 4 calories, 1 gram of protein also equals 4 calories, and 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories. So a 3000 caloric diet will consist of 100 grams of fat, 225 grams from protein, and 300 grams from carbohydrates.

Once you understand this break down of calories you can get started on your weight gain diet. To start things off you will need to calculate how many calories you need to consume in order to maintain your body weight. To do that you can use an online calorie calculator. After making your calculations, add 500 additional calories to that number and that’s how much you need to consume to gain weight.

My Weight Gain Diet


* 3 boiled eggs

* Glass of low fat milk

* 2 slices of whole wheat/whole grain toast

* Bowl of strawberries (you can eat a fruit of your choice)


* Turkey or Tuna Sandwich


* 1 cup brown rice

* 1 baked potato

* 2 servings of vegetables

* 8-10 ounces of chicken

Post-Workout Snack

* Protein Shake with low-fat milk

* 1 banana


* 1 cup brown rice

* 1 baked potato or 2 servings of whole wheat pasta

* 2 servings of vegetables

* 8-10 ounces of salmon

Night-Time Snack

* Protein Shake with low fat milk

This is a sample diet I have used in the past to gain weight. It has a good balance of nutrients and has worked quite well for me in the past. Occasionally, I would mix things up a bit but for the most part followed the same format.

If I got hungry during the day I would eat some fruit or slices of lean turkey meat. During the weight gain phase, don’t ever let yourself go hungry. If at anytime you are hungry eat something with protein in it.

So EAT! EAT! EAT! and gain that muscle. Also make sure to check out my weight gain routine for additional tips and information.

My name is Ronek Bhatt. I am 22 years old and a fitness enthusiast. I started working out 5 years ago and since then have dedicated numerous hours learning and researching about fitness, bodybuilding, diets, and other sources of healthy living.