Struggling Obesity issues

There’s no denying: obesity is getting to be a bigger and bigger problem in America. A study recently conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, obesity rates climbed in 23 states in 2008, with Southern and Midwestern states being particularly prone to the condition. It has gotten to the point where denial is no longer an option and we cannot afford to just sweep the problem under the rug anymore. If you suffer from obesity, you know that it affects all aspects of your life and makes you more prone to heart disease, diabetes, and countl

Too Big Too Fast

One of the main problems that causes obesity is the combination of cheap fast food and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. As more and more of our jobs involve us sitting around staring at computer screens with little to no physical activity, we find that more and more people are becoming morbidly overweight. And with the increasing waistline comes an increasing risk for expensive health problems that will cost you and the American taxpayer a small fortune in controlling. It is important to start living a healthier, safer, longer life. Following these tips can help:

Start slow. The reason so many people give up their weight-loss goals is because they try to bite off more than they can chew. You can’t expect to wake up one day and run five miles after eating a walnut salad. Ease yourself out of your old habits, don’t try and jump in with both feet.
Take baby steps. You probably can’t run a marathon, so don’t even try. Start out just walking a little bit more regularly. Take the stairs up to the third floor instead of the elevator. Walk the dog more frequently. Instead of driving to the mailbox, take a stroll there. Doctors believe that walking an additional mile a day will stop most people from gaining weight.
Substitute foods. You can lose a substantial amount of weight by making healthier choices of your favorite foods. Lightly buttered popcorn, diet sodas, low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream, and leaner cuts of meat can all help you lose weight the relatively painless way. Sure, they may not taste quite as good, but they can be a lot easier to stick to than rice cakes and tofu.

Sticking With It

By making the weight-loss process less painful, you make it easier to adhere to. The point is to start losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle, not drop off all your extra pounds overnight. Don’t beat yourself up if you start slow; by eating better and exercising more, you’re starting on your road to a healthier, more attractive you. Sticking with it can be one of the most rewarding things in the world.

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