The Real Truth About Intermittent Fasting & Fat Loss


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Intermittent Fasting Systemic Review:

“While intermittent fasting appears to produce similar effects to continuous energy restriction to reduce body weight, fat mass, fat-free mass and improve glucose homeostasis, and may reduce appetite, it does not appear to attenuate other adaptive responses to energy restriction or improve weight loss efficiency”


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The Real Truth About Intermittent Fasting…

I’ve received a ton of questions about the intermittent fasting diet lately, as this way of eating has become extremely popular in recent years.

Many experts out there promote intermittent fasting as the “be-all-end-all” of fat loss diets, claiming that everyone should be following it and will get the best results with this type of approach.

Today I wanted to address this and explain what intermittent fasting IS and what it ISN’T…

What intermittent fasting IS:

It’s ONE possible option out of many possible options when it comes to laying out your daily meals for fat loss.

We know from the research that meal frequency and meal timing are basically a non-issue in terms of optimizing metabolic rate, and the goal of your fat loss diet should simply be to lay out your calories/macros based on your own personal preference in terms of hunger/energy/schedule.

And for some people, fasting for 16 hours and then eating 2-3 large meals within an 8 hour window is that preferred approach.

Many people find those larger meals more satisfying and they like the simplified approach that the IF diet offers in terms of hitting calories more accurately.

What intermittent fasting ISN’T:

Some sort of “magical fat loss solution” that offers superior fat burning results to traditional diets and that everyone will do well on.

A meta analysis of over 40 studies has shown that the IF diet does not improve fat loss in comparison to a traditional 4-6 meal per day plan (link above) and there’s no reason to suspect that it offers some sort of inherent fat burning advantage.

In the end, intermittent fasting is simply ONE option to explore for people looking for a way to maximize the enjoyability and adherence to their cutting diet.

If you’ve found a regular 4-6 meal per day plan tough to stick to, then by all means give IF a try and see if you prefer it.

However, if you’re doing fine on regularly spaced meals, don’t think that switching to intermittent fasting is going to somehow boost your fat loss results, as it most likely will not.

It’s really just a tool for maximizing dietary adherence/enjoyability that some people will prefer and others will not.
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