The Resist Weight issues

At least the society has accepted the fact that diabetes is a real threat to our health and that it is spreading faster than camp fire especially in developed countries. Kids are the ones who are at an even higher risk of becoming obese as compared to adults and this has been shown by the growing number of obese children annually. There is a huge difference between being overweight ad obese based on the percentage body fat. That of an overweight person lies in the range of 15-20% while tat of an obese person is higher than 20%. Just because you are overweight doesn’t exempt you from anything.

If anything, you should work at losing that excess weight before you become clinically termed as being obese. An obese person didn’t just wake up one day and find that they have an unhealthy percentage body fat; they went through the slightly overweight, to overweight and ten to being obese. The fact that you are overweight means that chances of you lapsing into obesity are higher than that of a healthy person to move from being healthy to obese.

First things first, you must be willing to admit that you do have a problem. If you still refer to yourself as being a plus size, then you simply are in denial. The actress Monique is a plus size and she is very healthy but she is not obese. The first move that you make in the fight against obesity is admitting that you are obese. The second step is finding out why you are obese and how did it happen. It sounds a bit obvious that it’s because you didn’t eat healthy but it’s not that simple. You need to know whether you are a binge eater or whether you have any sort of eating disorders.

If you probably went through a tragic time in your life, then it means that you might have turned to food as a comfort. You have to deal with this because truth be told, that might not be last tragic thing that occurred. So does it mean that every time something goes wrong in your life or in the life f someone you love tat you will turn to food and start from scratch all over again? You have to nip it at the bud so that the problem will not recur again.

Once you have that settled, now we can get down to dealing with the weight. There are two things that you have to deal with. The first one is your nutrition and the second one is your physical activity. You need to eat healthy so you definitely have to kiss goodbye all those processed foods as well as all the fast food that you like so much. Don’t starve yourself; just simply gradually reduce the portions of food you eat. As for exercising, start off by walking. Cardio is one of the best exercises for burning fat and it is a must for you.

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