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This is the age of science and technology. The lifestyle of man has improved tremendously. But so many diseases are affecting man kind in its wake. Obesity is one among them. Changed life styles, wrong eating habits, stress and strain associated with modern life etc are the main reasons for gaining weight. A person suffering from obesity lacks confidence apart from other ailments. Obese persons lack vigour and vitality and remain tired all the time without enthusiasm. Diseases like diabetes, heart problems, variation in blood pressure, joint pains etc are associated with obesity. Carefree life style of adults depending on machines to do house hold works, sedentary way of living of youngsters in front of TV and computer etc have taken the toll on their health. None of us would like to fall ill. But if we do not take adequate precautions we may have to live a hellish life with all sorts of diseases as our companions.

Thanks to the awareness created among the masses, the eyes of many have opened towards the problems related to obesity. Weight loss programs are gathering momentum these days. While many have succeeded in shedding extra fat many fail miserably. Lack of proper guidance and firm resolution are the major reasons behind this. Other reasons can be dependence on non effective medicinal products. The drugs and food supplements endorsed by illegal weight programs may do more harm than good.

Natural weight loss pills and food supplements along with positive thinking and control over food can work wonders. The unique acai berry is the first thing which comes to our mind when we think of natural weight loss measures. The fruit which is an anti-oxidant has the capacity to increase metabolism rate also.

What ever programs you are joining make sure they are known and proven. After all health is the most important wealth.

From obesity to alcohol misuse, from rotting baby teeth to hearing problems caused by passive smoking – Britain’s largest children’s hospital is treating younger and younger patients for health problems which are ultimately preventable. Many are the result of kids’ lifestyles and are, according to the experts, causing them unnecessary suffering.

With unprecedented access to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, this documentary meets the kids, the pediatricians treating them and follows them home in an attempt to uncover the root cause of their problems. It is clear that some of the basic health messages from the doctors are not getting through to parents.

The A&E is a busy department and having to deal with cases such as drunk children is not only time consuming for staff, but can be upsetting for other young patients too. Operations on dental, glue ear and obesity cases are helping clog up a system that’s already under considerable strain. The hospital estimates they spend around a million pounds a year on treating preventable conditions, enough to buy them a new MRI scanner.

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